Princess Cut stud

CARAT*London Elegant Princess Stud Earrings


CARAT*London Elegant Princess Stud Earrings

The Princess cut is one of our more popular cuts among our customers. Our stud earrings are mounted on 9ct Gold tapered basket to get the flush look when worn. Many stud earrings are not done like this which means you will get an earring that sticks out too much from the ear. The post of each earring has a double notch to accept varying ear thickness to allow for greater comfort. Our prongs, on bigger stones, are finished the way all high quality fine jewellery is done; with slight points, signifying the work of fine craftsmen.

  • 9ct White Gold
  • Cubic Zirconia
  • Princess Cut
  • Studs
  • 20108-4

We hand cut and polish every stone with meticulous attention to detail and our gems are never mass-produced by machine. Because we only use highly trained and experienced stonecutters, we create high-quality gems that are second to none.

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