Princess cut pendant

CARAT*London Princess Cut Pendant


CARAT*London Princess Cut Pendant

Dress up your look for every occasion with this simply stunning CARAT* London 9ct white gold princess cut pendant. A truly timeless design, this pendant features a gorgeous princess cut stone that dazzles dramatically from every angle, placed on a delicate chain.

  • Princess Cut
  • Cubic Zirconia
  • 9ct White Gold
  • Chain Length 18″

While we agree that nothing sparkles quite like a natural gemstone, we are also certain that you will not find a better alternative than CARAT*. Many jewellers have admitted that they have difficulty telling our gems apart from naturals because of their very similar optical characteristics.

It takes around nine months to train a single technician in the stages of sawing, pre-forming, faceting and polishing CARAT* gems. In fact, each stage of the process from beginning to end is the same as those found in fine jewellery making. Each step is performed with precision and care, so as to achieve the ideal proportions that will yield the most brilliant CARAT* stones.

We hand cut and polish every stone with meticulous attention to detail and our gems are never mass-produced by machine. Because we only use highly trained and experienced stonecutters, we create high-quality gems that are second to none.

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