Halcyon Days Skinny Plain Red & Gold Bangle


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Halcyon Days Skinny Plain Red & Gold Bangle

The new Skinny Plain range feature a 6mm wide enamel base mounted on either gold, rose gold or palladium.

This particular design features a red base and 18ct gold mount, which has been branded with the Halcyon Days hallmark. This is a classic yet stylish piece that will certainly attract attention.

Each one of our push on enamel bangles begins as a copper base before being cleaned and coated with a thin layer of enamel. It is then put in the kiln at 800C for 7-8 minutes. This process is repeated at least five times to ensure that the finish is hard, glossy and flawless in preparation for the decoration and painting. Artists in our studio paint every design by hand, often taking days to complete each one depending on the complexity of the design. The enamel is fired a final time before it is mounted on gold and examined thoroughly for any flaws.

Our hinged bangles go through at least twenty three different stages of production to ensure the best quality product. The bangles are fashioned from brass and generously plated with either 18ct gold, rose gold or palladium. The enamel is polished to give it a wonderful lustre, which brings out the strength of colour and ensures a glossy and vibrant finish. All of our different width hinged bangles are one size which means they can easily be stacked together.