Valet Tray

Howard Valet Tray


Howard Valet Tray

The Howard valet tray offers more storage and features than your average at home or at work organizer. Included within the pebble leather exterior is a removable tray with outlet for a USB charger as well as 6 cufflink box compartments.

  • Material: Pebble leather exterior, chrome finished hardware and ultrasuede lining
  • Storage: 5 storage compartments (1 with lid), 1 elevated and long stationary watch cuff with 2 watch guards, 1 removable tray with an outlet for a USB, 1 removable travel cufflink box (6 compartments)
  • ITEM: 465103
  • SIZE: 38.1CM L X 19.1CM W X 5.1CM H

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