Royal Crown Derby Garden Nuthatch


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Royal Crown Derby Garden Nuthatch

Modelled by Jon Ablitt
Designed by Jane JamesDimensions:
Height: 4.5cm Length: 11cm Depth: 4.5cm
This British bird became protected by The Wildlife and Countryside Act in 1981 and can be seen in urban and suburban wooded areas, seldom travelling far from where they hatch.
Favouring mature woodland or parkland with trees for foraging opportunities, intriguingly descending headfirst down a tree trunk to feed on insects, seeds and nuts.With the scientific name of Sitta Europaea, the Garden Nuthatch is easily recognised by its shape but smaller and plumper mainly seen in England and Wales and black markings on its head.
The Royal Crown Derby Nuthatch has striking shades of blue upperpart heavily embellished in 22 carat gold from its tail to the crown, covering its wings and complementing a gold beak, and chestnut flecks below and sides and under the tail.A colourful and beautiful bird to include in any bird enthusiasts’ collection.