Wentworth Pewter, a family owned business since 1949, is a hallmark of quality, heritage and craftsmanship. Each product has been lovingly handcrafted, one piece at a time, at the Wentworth works in Sheffield, UK, the heart of the metalwork industry.
Pewter possesses a unique combination of qualities. It retains its sheen, is hardwearing and is incredibly flexible to work with, making it the ideal material for developing and crafting new designs. It’s therefore no surprise that pewter has been in continuous use since the Bronze Age and is one of the world’s oldest manufacturing industries. We’re passionate about working with an ancient metal that has 21st century lustre!
From flasks to tankards, we believe a special gift deserves special treatment, and it’s the unique combination of innovative design and traditional skill that makes Wentworth Pewter standout. Hold one of our products in your hand and you’ll be able to see and feel the difference by the weight, finish and polish of every piece, making it the perfect gift for any occasion.

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