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Tivon Fine Jewellery – a family company celebrating over 50 years of excellence!

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Named after its founders – the Tivon family – Tivon Fine Jewellery is a 2nd generation family owned company kept under close family guard in order to ensure its core values remain constant and untarnished.

South African in its roots, TIVON is now based in the United Kingdom and South Africa. TIVON is known for its passion for colour combined with classical European tastes and design as well as high European standards. Only the finest gemstones are selected for our creations with each gem being carefully selected, precision cut and specially faceted for maximum beauty and brilliance.

With classical as well as Avant Garde bespoke custom made designs, TIVON focuses on the exclusive and rare. With many creations being one-of-a-kind or in limited editions, our aim is simple – to provide pure QUALITY, LUXURY & RARITY.

Like all things in nature, not all things are created equal. Gemstones are certainly no exception. Within every gemstone category the vast majority of stones are of average to poor quality destined for mass-production jewellery. It is only the exceptional that stand out as gem-quality stones and it is only these exceptional gemstones that TIVON select for their jewellery.

TIVON takes great painstaking care in the selection of each of its gemstones. Each gemstone is inspected and selected by hand and is then cut, polished and specially faceted by master gem cutters in order to ensure sheer life and brilliance radiate from each and every one. TIVON only selects the top 5% of gems (in terms of quality).

Not only do we focus on choosing the clearest, brightest and best gems but we ensure the proportions as well as evenness of colour mean that what you purchase is luxurious, exclusive and rare.

You only have to see our creations to understand why our gems are a cut above!