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Wedding Rings – What to consider

What to consider when choosing your wedding rings

There are many things to consider when organising your wedding: Often starting with the destination or venue, your life is soon consumed by photographers, caterers, cakes, cars, suits, dresses, seating plans, invitations – the list goes on. With so many things to organise it is so easy to forget some of the smaller, finer details such as wedding rings. Many couples leave organising this task until the last minute in favour of sorting more “pressing” tasks such as venue or entertainment. However, One of the most recognisable symbols of love are a couple’s wedding rings and apart from the conductor of ceremonies and of course the couple, they are the most important moment of tying the knot. 

If your day of walking down the aisle is nearly upon us but you haven’t found the perfect rings yet, Do not panic! it is not a race. After all, your wedding rings are to be worn for a lifetime, so it is really important you spend the time and care the decision deserves.

Below We will outline a few things to consider when looking for your perfect ring…

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Personalise it

Your wedding rings should reflect the unique love between you & your partner, therefor have you ever considered personalising your wedding rings to fit your taste & Style? At Brown & Newirth; out trusted wedding ring supplier – every ring is handmade to order ensuring the highest quality & care is taken over your rings. You choose the style in the metal you want and Brown & Newirth can add a personal engraving completely free of charge.

If your feeling a bit more adventurous you can opt for completely bespoke service. Rings made for you, designed (in part) by you. Simply contact R.L. Austen if this is something you would like to inquire about.

Is your Engagement ring an awkward shape? Or do you want something shaped to fit the exact contours so your wedding ring & engagement sit perfectly together? Brown & Newirth offer a shaped to fit service where they can create a perfect fitting wedding band.

Should our Wedding Rings Match?

If both the bride and groom are keen to wear wedding rings, you may then wonder about getting a matching set.

Wedding ring traditions suggest that wedding bands should match, as it’s a signal that the two of you have become one unit. It can also show that you have similar tastes, indicating compatibility.

However, it’s possible that you won’t be able to find a ring that suits both of you. If your hands differ greatly in skin tone, size and personal style, it’s likely that you will be drawn to very different styles of rings. In this case, there’s nothing wrong with opting for non-matching wedding rings. Brown & Newirth have a Selection of rings for all tastes.

After all, you will be wearing your wedding bands for the rest of your lives – you want to make sure you both have a ring that you love and find comfortable to wear!

Don’t be afraid to go outside the box

There is no right or wrong answer to the perfect wedding ring. What might be right for you and your partner may be completely different to others.

Wedding rings come in all sorts of interesting designs and you shouldn’t be afraid to go outside the box. Yes, the timeless gold wedding band that we have all grown to love is a great choice but so are the many other designs to consider.

You will see countless articles listing the latest trends and the most fashionable wedding rings for the year but it is important to consider what style of ring you actually like.

Yes, it is nice to have a trendy wedding band now but remember that fashion changes. What is fashionable today might not be tomorrow.

Have a good look around at the different wedding rings that are available and choose a style that best reflects you. Make a decision that future you will love!

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When should I buy my wedding rings?

As we mentioned earlier, there is no time pressures to buying your wedding rings, unlike some other aspects of your wedding planning. This does not mean you should leave to the wayside until the very last minute. You will still need to allow plenty of time to refine all of the details, from finding a style that suits you to get the size just right.

Even after finding your ideal ring and getting it sized to perfection, you should still allow extra time in case any minor adjustments are necessary. You don’t want to receive your rings the day before the wedding and find that a name has been misspelt on the engraving of a custom wedding ring… and you certainly don’t want to risk arriving at the altar on the day and finding that the ring simply won’t go on! Brown & Newirth offer one free re-sizing & re-finishing.

Brown & Newirth at R L Austen

I hope you are now feeling a bit more clued up & confident about purchasing your wedding rings. Here at R.L. Austen we have a long & distinguished history of helping couples discover there perfect wedding rings. Most recently we have installed a beautiful Brown & Newirth bridal lounge on our first floor, this Space offers couples an unparalleled wedding ring buying experience in comfort & style.

If you are looking for you perfect wedding rings then please do make an appointment to see one of our highly skilled wedding ring specialists who will endeavour to find your perfect match! You can call us on 01243 782135 or make an appointment online here.