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We offer a comprehensive, independent professional jewellery and watch valuation service with our award-winning valuer Shirley Mitchell FGA, DGA who visits our store.

Whilst most valuation schedules are prepared for insurance replacement purposes, they can also be prepared for probate, divorce/family settlement and private sale. All our valuation schedules are presented in a quality bound folder and include digital images of your jewellery, full description and appropriate value.

Your jewellery will be inspected and cleaned before being digitally photographed and expertly appraised; all relevant details are recorded such as:

The assessed colour and clarity of diamonds, dimensions and weight

Certificate/report details of certificated diamonds(where applicable)

Gemstone type, quality, dimensions and weight

Hallmarks and any other identifying marks

Mode of manufacture and setting style

We will also advise you of any repairs that may be needed to keep your jewellery in tip-top condition. We also supply you with an ‘Insurers Summary’ for you to submit to your insurance company.

A valuation supplied by a member of The Jewellery Valuers Association ensures that you have all the information needed to help assist your insurance company in the event of a claim. We also offer a Post-Loss Assessment Service in the event of a loss or theft.

Current market conditions and rising metal costs mean that even relatively recent valuation schedules, carried out within the last two or three years, may now be inadequate. To give yourself peace of mind, and to ensure you are not under-insured, it is now the time to have your jewellery valued professionally.

Shirley Mitchell FJVA

Shirley Mitchell FGA DGA Ltd. is an award winning independent valuation consultancy providing a valuation service direct to members of the public, insurers and through selected jewellers.

Shirley Mitchell  is a David Wilkins Award Winner. The trophy, an Elizabethan style sterling silver dish is engraved with the names of past winners. David Wilkins was instrumental in the introduction of the N.A.G. Registered Valuers Scheme back in the 1980’s, the forerunner of today’s Institute.

Valuations are undertaken in store and are on a strict appointment basis and places are limited, so call today to avoid disappointment.

Call into the store with your items 2-5 days before the appointment, bringing with you any relevant paperwork you may have. This would include any previous valuations and receipts from purchase (strictly necessary if the items are less than 2 years old), previous valuations, certificates of authenticity etc. This can assist us if you have a discrepancy from a previous valuation and ensure you receive an accurate description of your article(s) on the new Valuation schedule. In the event of a dispute, any documents provided by you after the valuation has been completed will possibly result in extra fees, as the valuation was not completed having all the facts to hand.

We will give you a receipt for your item(s) and email you with a picture of the item(s) you have left.

Unfortunately due to time constraints and security, Shirley is unable to sit with you while the valuation is being undertaken, unlike an antiques roadshow style valuation where there is discussion of your jewellery.

The valuation will be conducted in store by our registered valuer. You can collect your jewellery after this has been completed, and your valuation documents will follow in approximately two to three weeks, depending on the complexity of the valuation and any further investigative work that may be needed.

Alternatively, you may choose to collect your jewellery at the same time that your Valuation schedule is completed and ready for collection. Please let us know at the time you bring your item(s) in for Valuation when you would like to collect them.

For a preview sample of how your valuation will look, follow here.

Contact us on 01243 782 135 or email us to discuss your requirements.

Valuation Types:

Contrary to popular opinion, any single item could have a different value depending on the purpose, function and intended use of the valuation. We would be very happy to discuss your requirements with you to ensure you obtain the correct type of valuation for your needs.

Insurance Replacement Valuation – Protect your valuables

An insurance valuation is based on what a broadly similar article will cost to replace in the unfortunate event of loss, theft or damage. Our valuation schedules are presented in quality bound folders and include digital images and full description. We will also reference any relevant diamond reports and related provenance thereby creating a full record of your jewellery, not just a list of values.

A professional valuation, undertaken by a member of The Jewellery Valuers Association, will also help act as a ‘proof of ownership’ so you can reclaim your items if they are recovered which reduces the stress following a burglary or theft.

Due to the fluctuation in the market and exchange rates we recommend your valuation is updated every three years.

Probate Valuation – Settling with HMRC

A valuation for probate purposes may be required upon the death of the owner of the jewellery to enable the HM Revenue and Customs to determine the amount of estate duty due. The values, based on current market values at the date of death, represent much lower values than for those required for an insurance valuation and are typically less descriptive.

A probate valuation should not be used to obtain insurance as the values ascribed have no relationship to the current new or secondhand replacement value.

Divorce/Family Division Valuation – Fair Settlement

During the stressful times of separation and divorce it may be necessary to determine the value of jewellery to facilitate a fair settlement. These cases are similar to probate valuations where values are calculated using open market principles rather than retail values and should not be used for obtaining insurance cover.

Fees for Insurance, Probate, Family Division and Open Market Valuations are as follows:

Report Fee PLUS:£76.00
Each gem-set item/non gem-set item£70.00
Per group of up to 5 similar lower value items – From:£95.00
Premium Watch I.E. Rolex£95.00
Premium items (see note below) – From:£95.00

Note: Premium items are those that take longer to research, such as diamonds over 1.00ct, large multi-stone items and some antique items, however most items are charged at the standard rate.

Diamonds over 1.00ct are charged at £75 per carat. All fees are inclusive of VAT at the current rate of 20%.


A valuation consisting of two items, would be priced as follows:

Report Fee£76.00
Two items @ £60.00£140.00