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Launched in 1996, in the city of Vicenza, Italy, the Roberto Coin brand produces delicately handcrafted jewellery with a charming ruby trademark. Roberto Coin opened artisan Italian boutiques offering a selection of romantic, modern jewellery inspired by the traditional keystones of luxury design.

Style is at the core of Roberto Coin’s vision. While some might aim to replace one trend with another, authentic designs in the Roberto Coin range promise to stand the test of time, maintaining a class of their own regardless of the location, occasion or season.

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Inspired by the city of Verona, symbol of love and set of the love story between Romeo and Juliet, Love in Verona strengthens the bond between Roberto Coin and the Italian cities that inspired him. Love in Verona has a minimal and contemporary look yet holds a soul as ancient as eternal love.


Roberto Coin’s inspiration for the Princess Flower collection comes from the floral decorations of Venetian palaces, this collection by Roberto Coin represents the material shape of the most romantic side of a woman’s imagination – made up of the flowers that bloom from the hands of skilled artisans and the princesses that live inside every single woman.


The design of these jewels hides within it a complex structure made of twisted wire, visible only to those who wear them. This allure of mystery is a reminder of Venice, famous for its countless legends and secrets passed from generation to generation.


The pieces were inspired by the coat of arms of Navarra, an ancient region of Spain, which was made of 16 chains in a sunray pattern under a glorious crown. The meticulous, essential design is almost regally austere, with the chains as the dominant element. Navarra may have been inspired by the past but its look is modern and powerful, free from contrived details and full of commanding simplicity.



Roberto Coin has travelled the world in search of beautiful inspirations for the jewellery that bears his name. “I find beauty everywhere,” he says, “in nature, in people, in architecture, in art and in food.” And his collections bear that out: since starting the brand in 1996, he’s taken inspiration from a wide variety of sources, from the natural world in Animalier, to the stars, with his Zodiac Medallions.

Still, few places inspire Coin like his native Italy. When you’re walking through Verona—or any Italian city—with Roberto Coin, you can’t expect to get anywhere fast. Every couple steps he stops to point out another beautiful thing—the design of the rosoni medallions on a building’s façade, or the red brick merlons of Castel Vecchio.


In Vicenza, Italy, the “City of Gold,” in the Roberto Coin atelier, the skilled and patient hands of master craftsmen work with materials. With meticulous, controlled movements, they forge precious metals, set stones and diamonds.

Concentration, balance, extreme precision: it takes many actions and attentions for each new piece of jewellery to come to life with the right shapes, the perfect fit. The art of jewellery is inner and outer dialogue, contact with stones and materials, dialogue with the new object that takes shape, charged with energies, meanings, and above all charged with the future of the person who will wear it.


In times like these, we find it helpful to find the good even in difficult situations. Positivity, love and enthusiasm are the values upon which ROBERTO COIN has built both his personal and professional life. 

But they are also concepts that are intimately bound to the symbolism of the ruby, the stone of passion par excellence.  It was considered by ancient Egyptians to be a kind of amulet that in contact with the skin bestows prosperity, happiness and longevity.  These characteristics make the crimson stone a truly exclusive signature for Roberto Coin. 

Since 1996, with the Appassionata Collection, the jeweller has loved setting a small ruby on the inside of each of his pieces, thus allowing direct contact with the skin and conferring the stone’s beneficial properties on the women who wear his creations.

It is with this notion that all of us at Roberto Coin feel that we will get through this stronger than before. It is the hidden ruby that signifies his pieces, and it is also the symbol that reminds us we are #separatebuttogether.