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Explore our collection of Montblanc at R L Austen. The home of timeless style and excellence. Be it writing instruments, leather, watches, or accessories Montblanc products are lifestyle companions that will accompany yours and future generations to come.

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Individual expression is rooted in the culture of writing – as is Montblanc. The conceptual foundation of our Collector Lines is to promote the art, culture, and the personalities who left their mark.

Created from selected materials and shaped by highly skilled master craftsmen with incredible care and meticulous dedication, these writing instruments make it possible for their proud owners to cherish the will of the titans of culture to shape our shared narrative.


Indisputably, one of mankind’s greatest achievements was in the invention of the written word and the centuries of literary canons that flourished in its wake – giving rise to the passions and perspectives that have echoed through the ages. Issued annually since 1992, Montblanc’s Writers Edition pays homage to the distinguished authors who expanded our literary horizons and shaped entire eras and cultural movements.


With the Great Characters Editions, the Maison acknowledges those who left an indelible mark on our common history. From Gandhi to Einstein and Lennon to Warhol, these exceptional individuals profoundly changed the way we view our world. Montblanc celebrates these Great Characters with exclusive, limited edition writing instruments expressing their unique contributions to humanity through exquisite craftsmanship.


It’s all in the name. The Meisterstück – German for masterpiece – is both a piece of art and a rich slice of history. Almost 100 years after its first introduction in 1924, the Meisterstück is the best known writing instrument of any Montblanc collection.

The momentum behind it comes from the hands of Montblanc artisans, who continue to create finely-tuned, writing instruments of the highest possible quality.

About Montblanc


From the beginning stages of assembling individual parts to presenting a truly alive and resplendent piece, our products are lifestyle companions that will accompany yours and future generations to come.

Be it writing instruments, leather, watches, accessories or our youngest category of new technologies, our master craftsmen work diligently to pour their hearts and souls into every step of the creation.


The Montblanc creators put their soul into actively composing pieces that embrace and symbolise the values that shape Montblanc as a brand.


Montblanc unites fine European craftsmanship with time-honoured designs, bringing pieces to life that emanate classic heritage and refined creation.


Just as every Montblanc product is the result of our master craftsmen’s souls and their stories, the final heirlooms will subsequently become part of your unique tale, creating an invisible bond between our soul and yours.


Fine living is a prerogative, and exquisite products make an extraordinary life even more exceptional. Your story is alive and dynamic; the assets that accompany you along your path must add vitality and effervescence.


With today’s ever-increasing pace, it is vital to be confronted with products that have been crafted to withstand the passing of time. Monblanc’s pieces will weather the ages with you and witness your unfolding stories and those of your family.

Just as a soul remains long after its body is gone, our pieces are crafted to perform superbly and symbolise elegance for many lifetimes.

Care Recommendations for your Montblanc Pen

Montblanc recommends cleaning your fountain pen approximately every three months to preserve its pristine condition. Especially if the ink has dried up due to lack of use, the feeder system is blocked, a different colour of ink is to be used or the ink flow becomes irregular or stops.

For cleaning, use only lukewarm water without any chemical products. It is impossible to prevent condensation after the cleaning process inside the cap. Condensation can dissolve traces of dried ink, causing a colour change in the new ink. Therefore, always be careful to clean the nib and cap with a damp lint-free cloth.

To avoid leakage, keep the writing instrument fully filled with new ink and carry the fountain pen with the nib pointing upwards.

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