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Enchanting Jewellery Trends for Brides in 2023

2023 is gearing up to be an exciting year in the world of bridal jewellery!

Choosing your wedding look is one of the most fun aspects of your wedding planning. However, there are also a lot of decisions to be made. There is a lot focus on choosing the right dress to go with your style, shape and type of wedding, but there are many other factors to think about. Hair and make up also play a big part, shoes, accessories and of course your wedding jewellery.

Once you have your dress, then it is up to the jewellery and accessories you choose to make you feel like the most fabulous of brides.

R.L. Austen have some tips to to picking your bridal jewellery this year.

Here are the top 10 latest bridal jewellery trends for the upcoming year, with a wide range of styles to accommodate every bride and their unique sense of fashion and style.

1. Pearl Necklaces:

Pearls have made a comeback in the world of bridal jewellery, with delicate pearl necklaces making an appearance in a range of designs, from single non-drop necklaces to multiple drops.

2. Gold Earrings:

Gold earrings will be amongst the most popular bridal jewellery trends in 2023, with intricate and ornate ear cuffs, second- or third-hole earrings, and even geometric designs seen adorning brides.

3. Statement Rings:

Statement rings have been a popular jewellery trend for some time, but 2023 is expected to see an increase in statement rings with embellishments such as coloured stones and intricate designs.

Once you have the dress of your dreams you can start focusing on the accessories — specifically the bridal jewellery. Maybe your buying bridal jewellery as a gift for your special someone, or buying it for yourself to match your outfit, we are sure to help you find that perfect item.

4. Chandelier Earrings:

Chandelier earrings will also be a popular pick, as detailed designs remain trendy for bridal jewellery.This is no surprise as brides often wish to add detail to their profile once they remove their veil.

5. Delicate Bangles:

Delicate bangles are the perfect way to adorn a bride’s wrists and make for a timeless and classic look.

6. Stackable Rings:

Stackable rings are ideal for the bride who wants to make a stunning statement, as they can be worn in a range of combinations for bold and fun looks.

Simple classic designs are always a quintessential look that everyone will adore. A jewellery set that will be timeless and turn into an future heirloom.

7. Statement Bracelets:

Statement bracelets are also making a comeback, with bold designs adorning brides across the globe.

8. Classic Necklaces:

Adding a touch of timeless elegance to a bridal look, classic necklaces are set to be one of the most popular bridal jewellery trends in the upcoming year. A simple solitaire, diamond collar or a stunning strand of pearls.

9. Vintage Watches:

Complete your look with a vintage watch, for a charming and elegant touch. A family heirloom piece or a new vintage addition to a collection will add a note of historical grandeur to your special day, ‘something borrowed’ or ‘something new’.

10. Silver and White Gold:

Silver and white gold are a great way to make a subtle statement, providing a perfect blend of classic and modern elements to any bridal look. A touch of white jewellery for your white wedding.

No matter what your jewellery style may be, you’re sure to find something you love when looking through the top 10 bridal jewellery trends for 2023. From statement rings to classic necklaces, there’s something available for every bride at R.L. Austen.